Die Dienststellen der Stadtverwaltung sind persönlich nur nach Terminvereinbarung erreichbar. Mehr Informationen. 

The Citizens’s Office (“Bürgerbüro”)

During our opening and phone-in times we are happy to advise you face to face or on the phone. In addition, you can contact us in writing or by e-mail.

  • Some of our services:

    • all the procedures connected with the registration of residence (“Meldeangelegenheiten”)
    • Identity Card (“Personalausweis”)
    • Passport (“Reisepass”)
    • Parking licenses for local residents (“Bewohnerparkausweis”)
    • Parking licenses for people with disabilities (“Parkausweis für Schwerbehinderte”)
    • Police clearance certificate (“Führungszeugnis”)
    • Notarizations, certifications (“Beglaubigung”, “Bescheinigung”)
    • Prolongation of the parking licenses for people with disabilities      (“Schwerbehindertenparkausweisverlängerung”)
    • Fishing license (“Fischereischein”)
    • Lost-and-Found (“Fundbüro”)
    • Registration of your dog (“Hund anmelden”)
    • Bulky waste collection tokens and plastic diaper bags (“Sperrmüllmarken und Windelsäcke“)

  • If you have questions concerning your driver’s license (“Führerschein”) please contact the Road Traffic Office of the district of Minden-Lübbecke (“Straßenverkehrsamt des Kreises Minden-Lübbecke”).

    If you have questions concerning the process of automatic wage tax deduction features, i.e. the basis of the automatic deduction of taxes from your wages, (“LohnSteuerAbzugsMerkmale / ELStAM”), please contact your local Tax and Revenue Office (“Finanzamt”).

    Please try to avoid days between holidays and weekends, the turn of a month or school holidays, as waiting times tend to be very long then. If waiting times are foreseeably too long to accommodate people during opening times, the staff of the Citizens’ Office reserve their right of an early closure of the office to avoid further prolongation of queues.

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