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What is awaiting you at Minden Museum?

  • As an active, innovative cultural and education centre, Minden Museum presents the peculiarities of our town in the past, present and future with its permanent exhibition on the history of the town and special exhibitions. We use original artefacts to create exhibitions on historical, cultural-historical, artistic, scientific and technical-historical topics. Each exhibition is based on a communication concept tailored to the needs and expectations of our visitors.

    Our permanent exhibition

    The Minden Fortress interactive model of the town with various virtual tours offers a perfect introduction to the history of Minden. The wooden model shows the town of Minden in 1873 with its town fortifications and the railway station fortifications, thus depicting the situation before the Prussian fortress was removed and the fortifications were demolished. The model itself comprises slightly more than 600 individual buildings, the respective location, shape and height of which were designed and reproduced on the basis of historical maps and documents. Visitors can find out more information using touchscreen displays. Specific buildings and areas of the town are also illuminated on the model.

    Our Showcase of Minden’s History contains 35 objects ranging from a hand axe to a handball trophy, which illustrate the long history of human activity in the area. When did Minden’s story begin? With the first traces of human settlement more than 100,000 years ago? Or with the first mention of Minden in the Frankish empire annals in 798?

    Diele 23 offers exciting insights into the region’s sandstones and the Weser Renaissance. Architectural fragments, building materials and other interesting artefacts from the period can be found here and in the internal courtyard. The story of Minden beer can also be found in the carriage entryway of No. 23. Our rare gold guilders and paste reliefs are on display in the Erker Kabinett. The focus of the Freytag Zimmer is on the former lending library of Körber & Freytag, their families and their well-travelled furniture. The first floor tells the story of the use of fire as well as how blazes and floods were fought in Minden.

    Further sequences will follow step by step, so you can already look forward to the next chapter in our permanent exhibition!

    Our special exhibitions

    An exhibition area spanning around 650 m2 regularly plays host to special exhibitions on the history, art and culture of the town and surrounding region, the former prince-bishopric of Minden and the modern Minden-Lübbecke district.

    Not only that, our exhibition programme also includes interregional presentations on history, archaeology, art and science.

    As is the case at almost all museums with their own collections, the majority of the museum’s treasures are usually safely hidden away in the storerooms, which is why we offer insights into our collection in no particular order and make the unknown, valuable and curious visible to our visitors in our cabinet exhibitions.

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