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Living in Minden

Minden’s plus: its opportunities

  • Outstanding cultural variety, manifold sports facilities and a broad spectrum of excellent education and professional training at all levels are the hallmarks of our town. It combines culture, economy and quality of life on a nearly metropolitan level with short walking distances and a closeness to natural surroundings more typical of rural communities. Town, countryside and river offer a broad variety of attractive ways to spend one’s leisure time in a comparatively compact space.

    From here it is both comfortable and easy to get to the big cities in Northern Germany. Minden is a tolerant, vibrant urban society, excellent medical care and lots of space to live, especially for families. In addition to all this, attractive jobs in a colourful mix of several thousand medium-sized and large companies offer long-term perspectives for present and future employees.

  • Does this sound a little like paradise? Look for yourself.

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