Die Dienststellen der Stadtverwaltung sind persönlich nur nach Terminvereinbarung erreichbar. Mehr Informationen. 

Situations in life

There are innumerable situations in life which will cause you to need the services of Minden’s town administration directly or indirectly. We have put together some typical situations for you.

    • Minden is an economically vibrant town of 83 000 inhabitants as well as the cultural hub and the …

    • Minden makes it possible to live in a town and in the country at the same time – no compromises.

    • You have decided to get married?

    • Minden is very family friendly. All important information for an easy start can be found here.

    • To register the divorce of a marriage which has been entered into in Minden, the Registry Office of …

    • At some point in life, each and every one of us faces the loss of a dear member of our family, …

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