Die Dienststellen der Stadtverwaltung sind persönlich nur nach Terminvereinbarung erreichbar. Mehr Informationen. 


You have decided to get married?

    • Registration of wedding 

      First of all you have to register your wedding at the Registry Office (“Standesamt”).

      The proper authority to consult is the Registry Office of the district of the applicant’s primary, secondary or habitual residence. If the couple have different residences they can choose between the different offices.

      In Germany you can get married if you are of age, i.e. 18 years old or more, have unlimited legal competence (usually the case) and unmarried. Existing registered same-sex partnerships can be changed to become a marriage.

      Please inquire at the Registry Office to learn which documents will be needed in your concrete case.

      It is desirable for both partners of the future marriage to be present during the application interview.

    • Where in Minden can you get married?

      • The Small Meeting Hall of our Town Hall (“Rathaus der Stadt Minden”, Kleiner Domhof 17, “Kleiner Rathaussaal”)

      • Museum of Prussian History, the marriage room next to the great pillar hall (“Preußen-Museum NRW”, Simeonsplatz 12, “Trauzimmer neben dem Ständersaal”)

      • Museum of Minden’s History, Natorphall (“Mindener Museum”, Ritterstraße 23-33, “Natorpsaal”)

      • House of Local History in Minden-Dankersen  (“House of Local History in Minden-Dankersen”)

      • Minden’s Museum Railway, personal carriage „Posen2125“ (Mindener Museums-Eisenbahn, Nebenbahnpersonenwagen „Posen 2125")

      • Ships "Europa", "Helena" und "Poseidon“ of Minden’s passenger ship line („Schiffe der Mindener Fahrgastschifffahrt)

      Since January 2014 it has become possible to exchange your vows in private residences. If you want, you can get married in the premises of your marriage party.

    • Marriage in other countries

      If you want to get married outside of Germany, a registration of your marriage is not necessary in Germany. Please contact the respective embassies about the necessary documents.

      Further details can be talked about face to face. Please arrange a personal meeting to avoid unnecessary delays.

  • Are there any time limits to be taken into account?

    Please note that a marriage application cannot be submitted earlier than half a year before the date of the marriage.

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