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Your child is born

Minden is very family friendly. All important information for an easy start can be found here.

  • Most of Minden’s children are born in the Johannes Wesling Clinic (“Klinikum”). The Clinic and the registry office have an agreement, whereby formalities usually are taken care of with the assistance of the Clinic.

    If your child is born at home your midwife or your family doctor / the doctor on call will write out a Certificate of Birth (“Geburtsbescheinigung”), and the child’s parents have to register the birth at the Registry Office. There you have to present the certificate to have it notarized.

    If you have questions concerning your child’s name or other problems please do not hesitate to contact our staff directly. Please arrange a personal meeting to avoid unnecessary delays.

    Belated notarization of births in foreign countries

    If a person has been born outside Germany, it is possible to notarize this fact in a follow-up procedure (“Nachbeurkundung”). According to § 36 of the German Law of Personal Registration (“PStG”) it has been possible since January 1st, 2009  to submit a formal application to have this fact included in the German registers of births but for this to happen it is necessary that a person is a German citizen or a stateless or homeless foreigner, asylum seeker or foreign refugee.

    The Registry Office of the area or district where the person in question has their habitual residence is the proper authority to consult. Should there be a problem of authority, the Registry Office I in Berlin will notarize the fact in question. The follow-up procedure can be applied for without any time limit.

    The result of this procedure is an entry in the respective register of the Registry Office. This entry is the basis for notarized certificates of any kind.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us directly if there are additional details to be clarified. Please arrange a personal meeting to avoid unnecessary delays.

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