Work and the economy

Minden’s economy is undergoing a process of dynamic, innovative and highly successful development.

  • This is due to the “Minden Mixture”: a broad basis of medium-sized, powerful companies covering the areas of commerce, crafts, trade and services. Companies in the fields of electrical engineering and food production and processing as well as industrial enterprises active in the areas of metal processing, chemicals, of paper- wood- and plastic production contribute to the outstanding economic importance of our town.

    Creating good general conditions for work and economy in our town is understood as a joint task of the municipality and its players. Success or failure have an immediate impact on the quality of life of our citizens. Again: the development of the economy and its location is no end in itself but must be based on common values, focussed on the needs of the individual.

    Given this background, Minden’s economic advancement is ensured by a constant civic dialogue between players from the economy, politics and the administration and ties in with the strategic objectives of our town.

    Minden is an outstanding place for living and working – and shall remain so.

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