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Experiencing Minden

Experience our town between the river Weser, the Wiehen Mountains and the Mittelland Canal. 

  • Allow yourself to be charmed by the magic of the old town and the variety of architectural styles. Visit our museums and cultural institutions, which are well-known far beyond our region. Discover the attractive scenic surroundings. We are looking forward to meeting you!

  • Exploring nature!

  • A well-developed network of hiking trails, a varied landscape with quarry lakes, the Wiehen Mountains, the river Weser, the North German Lowlands and, above all, the Mindeners’ love of nature are the basis for outdoor sports all year long: mountain biking, Nordic Walking, jogging, swimming, canoeing, riding or archery. Among other things, eleven long-distance trails begin, end or traverse the slopes of the Weser and Wiehen Mountains at the foot of the Kaiser Wilhelm Monument.

  • Cycling tourism in Minden and our region

  • Minden is just right either as a stopover, as the destination for an overnight stay along the Westfälische Mühlenroute (Route of Westfalian Mills). At 320 km long, this route is a circular cycle path which leads you to about 40 restored water-, wind- and horse-powered mills. It also includes the Schiffmühle (Boat Mill) in Minden.

    Our town is also situated at the well-known Weserradweg (Weser Cycle Track). At 500 km long, this route stretches from Hannoversch-Münden to Cuxhaven and belongs among the most attractive cycling tours in Europe.

    In Minden, our Wellness Route links the Weserradweg (Weser Cycle Track) to the Westfälische Mühlenroute (Route of Westfalian Mills). It is a circular cycle path, too, with a length of 500 km. It runs across the Teutoburg Forest and through all the important spas of the region.

    Maps of these cycling tours can be obtained at the Tourist Information and in the Info-Shop of the ADFC (short for Federal Cycling Club) in Minden.

  • Leisure time activities in our town and the surrounding countryside

  • Apart from disc golfing or inline-skating, Minden’s inner-city green belt, our “Glacis” invites you to do some walking, to meet for a spontaneous picnic, to stroll or jog right in the middle of town mostly without any annoying car traffic. There are playgrounds for the youngest as well. In the summertime the green banks of the Weser become the favourite recreational area of many Mindeners. They invite you to participate in events round the various boathouses organized by water sports enthusiasts, events at the boat mill and the “Weserlieder” Open Air Festival.

    A trip by one of the ships over the double river-canal-crossroads or a nostalgic tour on our Museum Railway are unique experiences.

  • Pure adventure

  • The surrounding countryside offers optimum conditions for sailing, kitesurfing and hang-gliding enthusiasts. One of the few starting ramps for hang-gliders is right at our doorstep in the Wiehen Mountains. The Großer Weserbogen (Big Weser Bend) with two resident sailing clubs is closest, but also the Dümmer Lake and the Steinhuder Meer (Lake) are only a short drive away. Your next sailing turn is closer than you think.

    Apart from the famous Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial and the Wittekindsburg (Wittekind Fortress) hikers encounter the foundations and remains of a cruciform church dating from the 10th century – a site of prime archaeological and historical importance in Europe.

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